History Maker Global Conference 2019

History Maker Global Conference 2019

History Maker Global Conference


DATE: 13-15 November 2019

VENUE: Qahal Family, Jakarta

It is with great excitement and anticipation that we announce the History Maker Global Conference 2019! Our coming together for this GLORY INVASION conference will serve as a catalyst for a global revival and awakening.

We have leaders coming from across the globe and speakers from USA, Europe and Asia. They carry an apostolic anointing and revelation to inspire, impact and activate this supernatural, emerging generation.

At this conference we will also feature leadership, worship and youth tracks for our afternoon workshops.

USD 320 (4 nights)
USD 350 (5 nights)

This conference package includes:
- Stay at Santika Premiere Hotel based on twin or triple sharing (check-in on 11 or 12 November and check-out on 16 November)
- Daily hotel breakfast
- Three (03) lunches on conference days
- All sessions and workshops of the conference
- Airport transfers

To register, contact Pastor Andy at triyanto.ark@gmail.com (local Indonesian participants) or Pastor Grace Tay at tay.grace@gmail.com (international participants).


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WEDNESDAY / November 13

05:30AM - Early Morning Prayer Meeting
09:00AM - Keynote Session
11:00AM - Break
11:15AM - Keynote Session
12:30PM - Lunch
01:30PM - Workshops: Leadership / Worship / Youth
02:30pm - Free & Easy
07:00PM - Keynote Session

THURSDAY / November 14

05:30AM - Early Morning Prayer Meeting
09:00AM - Keynote Session
11:00AM - Break
11:15AM - Keynote Session
12:30PM - Lunch
01:30PM - Free & Easy
07:00PM - Keynote Session

FRIDAY / November 15

05:30AM - Early Morning Prayer Meeting
09:00AM - Keynote Session
11:00AM - Break
11:15AM - Keynote Session
12:30PM - Lunch
01:30PM - Workshops: Leadership / Worship / Youth
02:30pm - Free & Easy
07:00PM - Keynote Session

History Maker Global Conference 2010

For the first time in many years, the History Maker Global Conference was held outside Singapore, in the city of Penang from November 2nd to 5th. The conference revolved around one theme, “Supernatural Manifestations.” Delegates from about 18 countries came together to seek a deeper presence of the Lord and to see His glory manifested in a greater dimension. From the beginning till the end, the Lord moved in ways many have never experienced before. People were touched by the Lord and made a commitment to desire more of His glory and presence!

We were honored to have with us guest speakers Rob DeLuca, the senior pastor at His Way Church (New Zealand), and John Torres, the senior pastor at Lighthouse International Church (USA). Together they brought about a tremendous measure of the presence of God. Joining us at the conference was the Equippers band from Equippers Church (New Zealand), leading the crowd in electrifying praise that brought down the roof, and an awesome time of worship as we enter the heavenly presence of God.

At the very first session, Rob DeLuca set the tone for the entire conference with his opening message that this event should not be just a conference, but an encounter with the Lord. He urged the people to enter this new season; if we did not shift with God, we would hinder His work. As Rob puts it, “Relevance for the cost of presence is rubbish.” God's people must not trade anything for His glory and presence, in other words be man-pleasers. As we drink of the new wine and allow His Spirit to show up, the world around us will be refreshed, sinners repent, lives get changed, the sick are healed and those in bondage will receive freedom!

Later that morning, John Torres preached the Word with much passion, like a sprinter who tore down the tracks. He spoke on the three ways God would speak to His people: seeing, hearing and sensing (Isaiah 21:1-3). God is speaking all the time, and we just need to tune in to His voice. Moving in the Spirit and hearing the voice of the Lord is for everybody. In closing, some were called up to the stage to bring a prophetic exhortation to the congregation.

Our History Maker advisor, Richard Brown III (Japan), spoke that Wednesday evening, exhorting the people of God to be on the cutting edge. God is showing new things to the church and bringing a new dimension of the Spirit. He urged every believer to leave the old wineskin, in order to receive the new wine. Every person will leave the conference with fresh fire to bring back to their churches and nations, hallelujah!

That night was the graduation for the inaugural Class of 2010 of Harvest Bible University. Two students received the Certificate in Ministry, one student received the Diploma in Ministry and seven students received the Associate Degree in Ministry. The various leaders laid hands on the students to release them into the calling and mandate God has for their lives.

The second day of the conference started with a prayer meeting at 5:30am. Our History Maker partner from Taiwan, Aaron Wong, brought an encouraging word to the crowd that gathered. The hall was like a power house, because “one can chase a thousand, and two put ten thousand to flight.” Together we stood in the gap and sought the face of God for a revival in the nations.

That morning Rob DeLuca shared about how God works in atmospheres. If we lack sensitivity we would miss it. Our goal is to understand His ways, what He likes and dislikes. It is not complicated at all – to build an intimate relationship with God to the point where we know Him just as He knows us (Exodus 33). If we know God intimately, we can know what He likes. The church cannot afford to stay in ‘religion’ otherwise the world will not be changed. Let us turn away from religious preferences or man-made doctrines, so that God would reveal Himself in a greater measure!

“O LORD, revive Your work in the midst of the years! In the midst of the years make it known; in wrath remember mercy” Habakkuk 3:2. In the following session, John Torres shared what the Lord has done before, He can do it again. Wherever we go, signs and wonders ought to follow us. We are touched so that times of refreshing may come (Acts 3:19). And when that happens, a whole region is transformed – that is revival taking place! God has called all of us to bring supernatural revivals and use us to take nations!

Thursday evening was phenomenal because the tangible glory of the Lord came upon the people. We were all soaked in His presence and time sort of stood still. There was no preaching, no laying on of hands and it didn’t matter who was beside us. We were just loving on God and allowing His presence to embrace us like never before. There was a spiritual shift happening that day. There were decisions taking place in hearts that will determine the road they will take. There was a repositioning by the Lord to become “burning ones” so that the world will know and see that He is God!

We began our Friday early in the morning with prayer. Naomi Nakama (Japan) brought to us a powerful exhortation. With hearts united and spirits as one, we prayed for God’s Kingdom to invade the earth – on earth as it is in heaven! “How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity!” (Psalm 133:1).

The morning sessions once again brought a greater surrender of our hearts and will, led by Rob DeLuca. Do we prefer others above ourselves? Do we look to be served? Do we take time out of our schedules to minister to someone? Are we willing to lay down our lives for others? What God desires is for our flesh to be burned, so that God would be seen more in us. Holiness is what the Lord is looking for. He wants a people that would say, “Whatever Your will is, I’ll do!”

On all the afternoons we had workshops on worship leading, song writing and worship team dynamics by the Equippers band, taught mainly by Libby Huirua, Daniel Zeltner and Isaac Graham. At the same time there were other workshops led by Shekhar Kallianpur (India) on the International Youth Festival; Andrew Robertson (New Zealand) on Entrepreneurship and Faith; and Kul Bal Singh (Australia) on Signs and Wonders. Those who attended the workshops were greatly blessed as they learned practical tools that will help them to come to a greater level in the Lord.

The final session on Friday evening saw John Torres conclude with “Re-commissioning Your Mission.” As we re-commission our mission, His mission becomes our mission! We have been anointed to be a blessing to someone else. We need to take the mission of Jesus and make it our own. Pastor Richard William (Singapore) brought a closure to the conference. There was such a fire and passion in the atmosphere that night. Flags of nations were held out and tears flowed as we lift up our voice for the souls in these nations. We knew we were receiving a vision, a call and a mandate that may cost us our lives to see them come to the Lord.

For many the highlight of the conference was the glory and presence of God. It wasn’t about the preacher or the worship team, but God Himself – Him showing up, and all that we want is to stay in that presence forever. This is just a new beginning of a greater dimension of God.

“As it is written:

Eye has not seen, nor ear heard,
Nor have entered into the heart of man
The things which God has prepared for those who love Him.’

But God has revealed them to us through His Spirit. For the Spirit searches all things, yes, the deep things of God.” 1 Cor. 2:9-10.

HM India: 1-3 Oct 2010

In the scorching heat of Mumbai, there was another form of heat evident in the atmosphere, a burning passion for revival...

The groundwork was set by the faithful ministers in India, led by Ps. Shekhar, Ps. Anil, Ps. Ravi, and all their respective teams, who have worked hard to organize and co-ordinate the events that would bring a move of God all across India. We thank them for all their hard work and fervent prayers, which will surely break new ground and bring abundant fruit.

The international ministry team that gathered consisted of fired-up believers from various nations: Sri Lanka, Indonesia (KOKOBA Dance Crew), Japan, Korea, Singapore, and Nagaland. The brothers and sisters from Nagaland showed incredible commitment, as they had to take a 3-day train ride just to come for these meetings.

We started off the first day with the school outreaches, and to cover more ground, we were split into 2 groups: the Sri Lankan and Indonesian teams in 1 group, all the rest in another. Each group visited 2 schools, where there were children and youth ranging from age 6-20. Although they were mission schools, many of them come from non-Christian homes.

The teams ministered to the children through different items like games, dance, skits, sharing of personal testimonies, and sharing of the Word. In the midst of the cheers and laughter, we knew that the Holy Spirit was at work in the hearts of these young lives. In one of the schools, Pastor Kelly Koh shared a short message about the redemptive plan of God, and gave a call to those who would accept Christ into their lives, and around 70 children gave their hearts to Jesus, praise God!!

On Saturday, the much-anticipated International Youth Fellowship was held at St. Andrew’s Auditorium, where a great host of talent attracted a large crowd of over 1000, and there were so many people that long before the festivities kicked off, the auditorium was already full! Hordes of people were unable to enter, and about over 300 people had to stay in the overflow area.

The teams from Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Singapore presented their items during the International segment, with skits, dance, and also a rap song from our very own “hardcore” Rapper E (Eddy).

The jaw-dropping dances by KOKOBA brought the roof down, and the skit by the Sri Lankan team delivered a heartfelt message about the bringing the gospel forth to a lost world.

Then, we were amazed by the different performances put up by the array of talent that shared the stage: from the colourful vibrancy of the Punjabi and Hindi dances, to the pumping adrenaline of the kick-boxing and aerobics exercise team, the showcase of India and Bollywood’s best mesmerized everyone in attendance.

After all the captivating acts, Pastor Shekhar then exhorted the people to look beyond themselves, beyond their own comfort zone, and step out into world missions. He reminded us that India has been a nation that has received much bountiful blessings, starting from one of the pillars of modern world missions, William Carey, who started the Lord’s work in India centuries ago, and now is the time for India to become a nation of givers and harvesters, and be a blessing to others.

Without missing a beat, Pastor Richard William shared on the theme of commitment and love for God, as demonstrated by our actions. He gave many accounts of people who have sacrificed their lives for the sake of the gospel, and the high price they paid for obeying the call. Also, he gave glory to God, testifying of the great things that the Lord has been doing all across the world, and that the power and anointing of God is available to those who step out in faith and believe that He will enable them to accomplish the vision that He places in their hearts. As every individual reflected on his own love for God, and how much we are really willing to give up for Him, Pastor Richard challenged the people to a higher level of commitment in Him. Hundreds responded to the call of mission, willing to go to places they have never been before and do things they have never done before! A new day has dawn for India! She is ready to take the gospel to the ends of the earth!

The night ended with a blast, as India’s No. 1 DJ, DJ Lloyd, took the stage. An established act in Bollywood, this was the first event where DJ Lloyd professed to be a Christian, and even spin praise songs on the turntable. He has even agreed to be part of a monthly event to minister to youths, and surely God will use him and his music to bridge the gap to the youth of this generation. The place was filled with the sound of hot and groovy beats, people young and old jumped, danced, and worshipped together in His presence. As the History Maker anthem was played, it signified a moment that history was truly made, where Jesus birthed a new chapter in His plan for redemption.

On Sunday, we visited Pastor Shekhar's church, New Life Church, in Juhu, and we felt right at home, as everyone worshipped the Lord freely in song and dance, and the congregation made a joyful noise unto the Lord. One of the sisters, Priya, shared a powerful testimony about how her mother recently accepted Christ into her life, and how she is now currently reaching out to a famous actress, and being amazed at the way God is orchestrating His plan of salvation in the lives of the people around her.

Pastor Richard shared a powerful and challenging word, calling the individual to reach India for Jesus. He shared that Abraham’s servant has a very difficult and impossible assignment, but God has divinely guided his every step as the servant prayed and stepped out in faith. There was a time of ministry as the pastors and members of the International team prayed for some of the brothers and sisters, that God will touch them and use them in a greater capacity.

In the evening, the scene shifted back to Navi Mumbai, where the History Maker Youth Rally was held. The international team did their thing, with dance, skits, and an illusion item by "Magic Man" Joseph Cheong. Pastor Dinesh Michel then stirred up the believers with an uncompromised message, and without fail, the night concluded with the light sticks celebration, and an open declaration that God reigns!!

Salvation…revival…answering a higher call…this is just the beginning, and we look forward to greater things that God has in store of the nation of India, as the people continue to seek His face, put their faith in an awesome and mighty God, and step into an arena where victory awaits. Hallelujah!

"…No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love Him" (1 Cor 2:9)


HM Jakarta: 3-5 Sep 2010

This is our first-ever History Maker conference held in Jakarta hosted by Pastor Antonius Sitompul and his wife Bona of GBI Taman Meruya. The conference had the theme “Soaking in God’s Love,” however since the beginning of the conference till the end there was such an emphasis on the “Fire of God.” The conference revolved around a tight schedule. It was two full days of power-packed meetings with the Lord moving in tremendous ways and igniting the youth with the Fire of God!

Pastor Robert Lie (Palembang, Indonesia) opened up the conference with a message titled “Unshakable Generation.” He mentioned the importance of pressing in and praying, that this unshakable generation should see what others cannot see and hear what others cannot hear. Many came forward to respond to the call to be a generation that would be different. After which Pastor Naomi Nakama (Okinawa, Japan) continued on the foundation Pastor Robert Lie built and preached on being a generation that lives for God. She stressed on never giving an excuse when walking with God and never regretting any moment in living for Him.

By evening the crowds filled the hall and there was great excitement and expectancy in the air. The History Maker band from Singapore led the young people into exuberance praise and a heartfelt time of worship unto the Lord. Pastor Richard William (Singapore) preached a fiery word to bring the youth to a greater commitment with the Lord. He asked a very challenging question, “Are you walking with God, or is God walking with you.” That evening many youth came forward during the altar call with a desire to have a more intimate relationship with God.

On the second day, Pastor Nakama spoke on the importance of living in the new day that God has given. If we still live in the past we are not able to enter into a new day and a new season. Following after, Pastor Robert spoke on being “Kings and Priests.” The anointing of God was evident in the meetings and many lives were touched by the Lord's presence in that place.

On both days we were blessed by the afternoon workshops taught by Pastor Grace Tay (Singapore), Pastor Dwidjo Saputro (Indonesia), Pastor Abraham Mathew (Singapore), Pastor Willy Yosep (Indonesia), Daniel Tai and Josiah Khoo (Singapore). We see hungry hearts longing for more of God in their lives. Indeed, the Word of God ministered to them and those that hunger and thirst for righteousness were filled to overflowing!

On the Saturday evening finale, we had the guest appearance of Kokoba Crew who danced with all their mighty giving all praise to God. They stirred up the crowd with their energetic hip hop/ break dance moves and touched the hearts of many with another worshipful lyrical dance. Following, Pastor Richard concluded these two days with a word on how God wants to use everybody. It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, that God wants use you for greatness all you need to be is a yielded vessel. During the altar call many of the local youth responded hungering for a new fire to impact their city and nation. With a new mission in their hearts and being stirred up with a new passion, the youth made a decision to pursue after greater things. We believe this is just the beginning of what the Lord is going to do. The fire that was sparked in their midst is going to spread like wild fire...a fire that will burn ever so bright for Jesus!

HM PALEMBANG: 15-17 August 2010

A prophetic standard is rising up in the city of Palembang. Great favor is being released to the Body of Christ that remains faithful. This prophetic standard will be a powerful witness of God’s glory in the city. And the harvest is now!

“Do you not say, ‘There are yet four months, then comes the harvest’? Look, I tell you, lift up your eyes, and see that the fields are white for harvest.” John 4:35 (ESV)

We cannot afford to delay. Cities are ready to respond to the Gospel. We need a release of Christ-like harvesters! The Lord gave a prophetic Word to the city and to the pastors in Palembang. He is going to raise up churches and pastors in the city to become gateways to the supernatural:

“Lift up your heads, O gates! And be lifted up, O ancient doors, that the King of glory may come in. Who is this King of glory? The LORD, strong and mighty, the LORD, mighty in battle!” Psalm 24:7-8 (ESV)

During the conference, we saw many of the young people touched by the Spirit of God and weeping in His presence. These are the future leaders of the Body of Christ in this nation. There was a clear call on the night meetings that the Lord was releasing a generation of youth to fly higher and see further like eagles:

“You yourselves have seen what I did to the Egyptians, and how I bore you on eagles’ wings and brought you to Myself.” Exodus 19:4 (ESV)

An exciting dimension of ministry of the History Maker partner church in Palembang is their desire to influence their city in righteousness. To be a church in the marketplace—marketplace miracles, marketplace ministry, and marketplace mercy! It is not a big church, yet they have a big faith, better still, A BIG GOD! God has seen them faithful in small things and is now giving them greater responsibilities and opportunities.

One project they are now responsible for is a five-star 14-storey hotel complex, a 5,000-seat sports stadium with an exclusive range of 40 prime retail sites—all interconnected. Amazing! This USD$50 million project is due to open end of next year. We went and prayed over the stadium and grounds. It will provide jobs for over 800 people. Jesus will be proclaimed in this city. He will be exalted! Located in the heart of the city, right near government building and major companies, it will stand as a testimony of what God can do to those who simply depend on His grace and favor.

Ephesians 3:20-21 (ESV)
“Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us, to Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever. Amen.”

Crowds of people were being fed and cared for by GISI Palembang. This is the History Maker partner church here in Indonesia. Hundreds were fed and clothes being sold at incredibly low prices. Muslims, Buddhists, Catholics or Christian...it does not matter. The church should be about building bridges, not walls. We want to bless the community and the poor in the area. Everyone is so happy! Hallelujah! What an opportunity for the love of Christ to be demonstrated in very practical ways.

The team also marched around with prophetic declarations over this busy shopping mall. A team of some 40 saints (mostly 15-20 year-olds) dressed in white and proclaiming Jesus as Lord and Healer. This is in Indonesia. Sure it is dangerous; sometimes some radical elements may stir things up. There may be a spirit of intimidation, but remember that in the Gospels “the common people heard Him gladly” (Mark 12:37).

What never ceases to amaze us is the awesome mercy of God. We are meant to follow His lead, not try to get Him to follow our lead. We need to ask, “Lord, what is it you are doing now?” It is really so simple! Our expectations are usually so low and so far out of alignment with Kingdom operations that we program and plan and fiddle and talk; and all the time the glorious demonstration of the name of the Son and the will of the Father is sidelined. There must be manifestation! There must be demonstration!

John 17:6 (ESV)
“I have manifested Your name to the people whom you gave me out of the world. Yours they were, and You gave them to Me, and they have kept Your word.”

Manifesting His name is far more than giving a theological talk or singing a religious song. What a powerful move of the presence and purposes of God at the last night of ministry. Pastor Richard spoke a timely word that was also emphasized in Korea! The church has to move to the next level. We cannot remain where we are.

When it came time for ministry, around 100 people responded to the call of God. Believers genuinely want to change and move on with God. They just need a thrust in the right direction, a word in season from the throne of Heaven. As we were about to pray for the people, an Angel came and stood to the right at the front of the altar. This Angel had a large chain in his hand and indicated he was breaking it. This was an Angel of deliverance and breakthrough. As soon as he appeared, people started to scream out as chains and blockages started to break off their lives.

God comes to manifest His presence in His way. Sometimes He shatters all our perfected little theological boxes in which we think we can define God and His operations. We need to allow the program of heaven to take over. We prayed with the people and the Spirit of God touched hearts, but it was His agenda, not ours. Many ran to the altar, falling on their knees, face hitting the floor prostrate, tears streaming down cheeks and hands held high. Hallelujah!

Hebrews 1:13-14 (ESV)
“And to which of the angels has He ever said, ‘Sit at My right hand until I make your enemies a footstool for your feet’? Are they not all ministering spirits sent out to serve for the sake of those who are to inherit salvation?”

Psalms 91:11 (ESV)
“For He will command His angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.”

We never thought we would see days like these. It seems as if there is a sharpening of the saints, a sharpening of senses to this spirit realm. The unseen realm is far more real than this physical realm. There was like a tangible snap in the spirit. Snapping chains that held people in bondage. God’s way, God’s time, God’s methods!

The message of the Cross remains the same, the call to repentance remains the same, the radical love of Jesus is proclaimed, the beauties of grace and mercy are proclaimed. What is different this time is the level of expectation and the desire to see God take over!

(Excerpts from Steve Roberts blog)